Strategic Investment Diversification
for Entrepreneurs

SIDE EQUITY Ventures (Strategic Investment Diversification for Entrepreneurs (SIDE) is an incubation company that funds projects in the technology, natural resources, and consumables sector, and develops them into startup, early stage, and growth stage companies worldwide. SIDE EQUITY also focuses on bridging the Diaspora to AFRICAN divide by introducing investment capital from wealthy Africans into performing markets in the US and Canada.

We cater to two constituencies:- The founders and management of private companies, and our funds limited partners (SIDE Residents).

We facilitate a partnership between our portfolio companies and their management teams, and align them with a select group of entrepreneurs from SIDE’s limited resident investors who have expertise in each company’s field of business. Through this union, we are able to develop business strategies that provide the framework for our portfolio companies to effectively execute their business plan and to increase their chances of success and growth worldwide.

Our diverse portfolio of companies provides the framework for investment growth in multiple industrial sectors that we focus our capital resources. We are innovating the new age of investment diversification around the World. Come JOIN US!!

Integrating Innovative funding and Portfolio Diversification Strategies Worldwide

Integrating Innovative funding and Portfolio Diversification Strategies

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