Our Goal

Secure Investments, Fund Innovations, Build Success:-

SIDE selects projects with unique technologies and marketability. SIDE functions as the private equity partner to these portfolio projects and growth stage companies. Through our partnership with them, we are able to provide them the funding needed to grow their companies into competitors in their respective fields of business.

Our limited partners (Residents) who have trusted us with their money want to have a return on their investment and hence the stringent approach to executing a funding scheme that ensures that each participant inputs the maximum effort to bring success to our portfolio companies. That is what we call “THE SIDE WAY” of building companies.

Global Empowerment:-

SIDE ® empowers investors and innovative companies worldwide

SIDE’s goal is to help position our portfolio companies strategically for growth, M&A or for a public offering

  • Empowering investors to establish trust with leading innovative companies across the world
  • Providing services to maximize investors potential for a return on their investment in companies
  • Providing investors new innovative ways to invest their money and manage ROI expectations
  • Providing investors with innovative projects and companies that are reviewed for funding
  • Helping businesses create the needed environment to make them attractive to investors

SIDE ® is a globally focused entrepreneur partnership initiative

  • Partnerships in the US and Africa with some of the most innovative companies in the world today
  • Over 20 innovative projects within partner investment programs in the US and Africa
  • Innovative limited partnership engine that provides a platform for small to medium scale investors

SIDE ® operates services that work together to build wealth

  • Fund raising and portfolio management services
  • Comprehensive products and services development, marketing, and promotions
  • Joint venture and acquisition management services
  • Innovative business building services

SIDE ® and portfolio management strategies

  • We raise capital and invest in companies focused on innovative business solutions worldwide
  • We are a leader in business strategy development for growth

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