What is SEPI?

SIDE’s Strategic Entrepreneurs Partnership Initiative (SEPI) is the limited partnership structuring arm of the fund. We offer the partnership subscription application of SIDE through SEPI to provide our limited partners the needed information that they will need to review before making a decision to place their capital with SIDE EQUITY.Come work with the fabulous founders and startups we're in business with.

Global Reach

  • 20 + incubation, startups, early stage, and growth stage companies in US & Africa
  • Access to markets with over 1.7 billion active consumers for SIDE® products
  • Enabling maximum return on capital investments through portfolio diversification

Advanced Targeting Options

  • Technology investments in collaborative computing (Social Interactive Media)
  • Investments in Behavioral Technologies (men & women’s aspiration networking)
  • Funding Contextual Access Services (search engine, mobile remittance services)
  • Social Conscious Technologies (Education, Healthcare, Entrepreneur Coaching)
  • Geo-demographic Initiatives (Foundations, Poverty Assistance in Africa)
  • Natural resource investments (Gold mines, Diamond mines, and Oil Reserves)

Superior Management

  • Pride ourselves with innovative portfolio management capabilities
  • Providing ROI in underdeveloped markets – Africa, Asia
  • Market-leading investment intelligence and yield management
  • Cross industry focus with delivery precision – Partnerships with Governments
  • State of the art reporting and data analysis for our investors & partners

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