SIDE Founder

Mr. Kenneth Andam is founder and chairman of Side Equity. In January of 2008 Mr. Andam felt the need to introduce a portfolio of incubation and mid-stage innovations and projects (Companies) that he and a select team of entrepreneurs, engineers, administrators, innovators, and partners had developed and prepared for launching strategic products and services to fulfill consumer needs within select industries.

Mr. Andam’s vision was to invite a select group of successful entrepreneurs to contribute capital to SIDE and create a succinct framework for funding innovative companies that are incubated within a private equity fund that raises capital contributions from successful entrepreneurs only. Mr. Andam envisioned a framework that would allow SIDE’s entrepreneur partners to participate in investment opportunity that yield good returns without the fear of losing their money.

Mr. Kenneth Andam : Chairman and Founder

Targeting innovations that improved collaborative networking, social interactive communication, remittance and money transfer, and provides opportunities that have disruptive market potential and realistic future growth, he organized his portfolio of companies to initiate his vision and officially called it “THE SIDE PROJECT” (SIDE: Strategic Investment Diversification for Entrepreneurs).

Mr. Andam created SIDE to give entrepreneurial investors the opportunity to participate in building and launching incubated projects and companies that were already at their product realization stage. SIDE was structured to provide each project within its portfolio the needed growth and profitability resources to guarantee a high probability of success for the investors, who participate with SIDE to finance such projects. To effectively introduce SIDE to the world of finance, commerce, and trade, Mr. Andam has organized a team of seasoned executives and successful entrepreneurs to partner with him in managing SIDE’s portfolio of investments.

The focus of SIDE is to provide a select group of individuals the opportunity to invest in companies within the SIDE portfolio and participate in the organizational structuring and strategic placement of such companies in the industries that their products and services target. The funding of the companies will provide products and services marketing capital to help build a sustainable business and establish growth.

SIDE opens up investment opportunities that exist within its portfolio to small to medium size investors looking for an entry level opportunity to participate in ventures that have future potential growth and success.

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