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Side Equity 2019


Our focus is to help build enduring companies that will change the aspirations and lifestyles of people worldwide.
Our fund mainly focuses on the emerging markets, and we execute our partnerships with precision for success with innovators and entrepreneurs solving problems within those markets.
We strengthen our portfolio by working with people who are innovating rich solutions that deliver usable products and services to communities within the emerging markets we invest in and serve.

Goals of SIDE

Secure Investments, Fund Innovations, Build Success

SIDE Equity fund’s goal is to help position our partners and our portfolio companies strategically for growth, M&A, or for public offering on a major capital market board will bring quality participation by institutional investors to the companies we represent. SIDE Equity selects projects with unique solutions, technologies and marketability, and funds these projects through limited partner secure funding or debt financing.

Become part of innovating Africa’s vision and mission of transformation

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