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Side Equity 2019

General Partner

Dr. Nana Andam I

HRH Dr. Nana Sanzule Manwere Andam I is the general partner and chairman of Side Equity Ventures, a Singapore based investment advisory firm focused on the emerging markets. Dr. Andam is an inventor, technologist, serial entrepreneur and an investment visionary whose brainchild fund has diversified its portfolio into strategically placed investments in companies that solve problems within major emerging markets around the globe. Dr. Andam has a variety of patents to his name in fields ranging from medical claims data transfer software to video email and intensive data relay technologies.

Dr. Andam has founded several companies including OS Petro and all its subsidiaries in the Oil and Gas sector, WorldVuer, Inc., a media communications company that develops proprietary technologies for communicating bandwidth intensive data, Beverly Air LTD, a Real Estate Development Company, and Sleek Media LTD which has a portfolio of globally recognized brands in the entertainment, publishing, and retail sector to mention a few of his enterprise portfolio.

Managing partner

Michael Tan Kuan Yew

Mr. Michael Tan Kuan Yew, currently hold the position as Managing Partner of SEV GLOBAL Pte Ltd and is a key member of the companies Investment Committee. The combined portfolios under Michael management has asset well over more than 45 Billion USD. Michael’s management expertise covers a wide spectrum of Industries from Technology, Oil & Gas, Banking & Finance, Retail, Manufacturing to Medical and Healthcare. Michael also serves as a director of OS Petro, a US based corporation, and works as the companies Managing Director of its African and Asian operations.

Digital Intelligence partner

Wei Kin Derrick Yeo

Mr. Derrick Yeo is a Millennial entrepreneur and head of Empereur Holdings, a B2B company that supplies industrial sewing machines to companies including Under Armour, Nike, and Adidas. He joins Side Equity as the funds Digital Intelligence Partner to spearhead the transitioning of the new age innovations interest of the fund into the world of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and mainstream media diversification. With his sense of fashion and his access to the world of Millennial consumers, Mr. Yeo brings a plethora of knowledge to the Side Equity Team in the fund’s advancement towards a revamping of its asset portfolio within the various sectors of interest it invests in for its bottom-line growth. Interview reference with Mr. Yeo (

Resource partner

Mr. Keith McAllister

Mr. McAllister has an impressive history of successful ventures in the incubation, startup, and growth-based business sector. Before becoming a limited partner at Side Equity, Mr. McAllister founded International Oil & Gas Holding Corp. (IOGHC), a mid-tier oil and gas company that focused on the development of oil fields in the Western United States of America. His success in the sector pursued by IOGHC endeared him further towards other entrepreneurial ventures which led to the founding of other companies including but not limited to Oicintra, Inc., which is a small cap publicly traded company focused on innovative energy solutions for small to medium enterprise businesses worldwide.

Projects partner

Michael Sutton

Mr. Michael Sutton, Co-Founded OS Petro with longtime friend and business partner H.E. Nana Andam I in 2011 and together have quickly secured significant assets under management in the African Countries of Ghana, Nigeria and Namibia, positioning the company for major contributions in the Oil & Gas sectors in the coming years. With Michaels lead generation skills and his ability to establish valuable networks within the various industries that he has relationships within, OS Petro has now grown into a recognized brand in the Oil and Gas sector.

Investments Partner

Jose Sanchez

Founder and Former Chief Executive Officer of Sanjo Construction and The Sanjo Group of companies. Despite retiring from his role as CEO, Mr. Jose Sanchez continues to concentrate on fostering the growth of innovative technologies within the construction and pharmaceutical industries.

He now channels his expansive expertise into the Side Equity LP Advisory Group, where he serves as the executive member on the committee for African Investments. His inclusion strengthens the entrepreneurial wellspring of Side Equity, leveraging his over three decades of triumphs in business growth with the Sanjo group.

Renowned for his inherent leadership capabilities and his keen focus on analytical thinking and systematic business process management, Mr. Sanchez imparts to Side Equity an authoritative viewpoint on administrative supervision. His involvement is set to catalyze substantial growth, notably as the fund sets its sights on expanding into the Southern African natural resources and energy sectors.