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Side Equity 2019

General Partner

Dr. Nana Andam I

His Majesty Dr. Nana Sanzule Manwere Andam I is the general partner and chairman of Side Equity Ventures, a Singapore based investment advisory firm focused on the emerging markets. Dr. Andam is an inventor, technologist, serial entrepreneur and an investment visionary whose brainchild fund has diversified its portfolio into strategically placed investments in companies that solve problems within major emerging markets around the globe. Dr. Andam has a variety of patents to his name in fields ranging from medical claims data transfer software to video email and intensive data relay technologies.

Dr. Andam has founded several companies including OS Petro and all its subsidiaries in the Oil and Gas sector, WorldVuer, Inc., a media communications company that develops proprietary technologies for communicating bandwidth intensive data, and Sleek Media LTD which has a portfolio of globally recognized brands in the entertainment, publishing, and retail sector.

Managing partner

Michael Tan Kuan Yew

Mr. Michael Tan Kuan Yew, currently hold the position as Managing Partner of SEV GLOBAL Pte Ltd and is a key member of the companies Investment Committee. The combined portfolios under Michael management has asset well over more than 45 Billion USD. Michael’s management expertise covers a wide spectrum of Industries from Technology, Oil & Gas, Banking & Finance, Retail, Manufacturing to Medical and Healthcare. Michael also serves as a director of OS Petro, a US based corporation, and works as the companies Managing Director of its African and Asian operations.

Innovations partner

Tim Zhu

Tim Zhu – CEO of SingPayment, President of Choizen International. Over 25 years of experience in working and investing in finance, technology, education and high-tech industry, holding executive positions in several Chinese, US and Singapore companies.

Resource partner

Doc. Jothimani Murugesan

Doctor Jothimani Murugesan is a resource partner at Side Equity and has been instrumental in the establishment of the companies Asian partnership structuring and growth development. Doctor Jothi as he is affectionally called is always looking for early to growth stage companies looking for an injection of new, efficient, and effective resources to elevate themselves to a new platform for further growth in their business.

Projects partner

Michael Sutton

Mr. Michael Sutton, Co-Founded OS Petro with longtime friend and business partner H.E. Nana Andam I in 2011 and together have quickly secured significant assets under management in the African Countries of Ghana, Nigeria and Namibia, positioning the company for major contributions in the Oil & Gas sectors in the coming years. With Michaels lead generation skills and his ability to establish valuable networks within the various industries that he has relationships within, OS Petro has now grown into a recognized brand in the Oil and Gas sector.

Media Partner

Wei Zheng

Mr. Zheng is the head of media and public relations at Side Equity. Mr. Wei bring over 20 years of media and journalism experience to Side Equity. As a partner of our firm, his contribution to the public presence of Side Equity has been crucial to the success of our firm. Mr. Wei is a celebrated journalist and well respect in Asian for his coverage of subjects of interest to readers from within Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and countries within ASEAN. Wei oversees all aspects of our portfolio company’s media marketing and press presence. He is responsible for telling the stories of the great and innovative entrepreneurs that make up the Side Equity portfolio. His contribution to the growth of the fund has been immense with the dynamic distribution of media content for the companies that are within the funds Portfolio. Mr. Wei is also a journalist on WeChat and China’s largest mobile social news publisher and has garnered a massive following from readers across Asia.