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Side Equity 2019

Our Process


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We can help your firm grow

SIDE’s goal is to help position our partners and our portfolio companies strategically for growth, M&A, or for a public offering.

Funding Strategy

The Science of Digital Funding

Our strategy involves the use of integrated innovative funding and investment solutions that brings together investors, entrepreneurs, and businesses.

  • Global Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Global Industry Partnerships
  • Angels & Sophisticated investors
  • Cross-Industry Investments

What we offer

What We Provide Entrepreneurs

We provide integrated innovative funding and portfolio diversification strategies worldwide. We offer:

  • Selective Investments Targeted for High Yield Returns
  • Entrepreneurial Joint Ventures for the introduction Of Projects & Portfolio companies
  • Portfolio Ratings Method that Defines Strategic Path to Success Within Select Regions Worldwide

we partner at every stage of growth

SIDE EQUITY focus is to help build enduring companies that will change the lifestyles of people worldwide.